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Plot intersections June 21, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Characters, construction news, Plotting.

Where threads cross or twine, where characters affect each other.


All the neighbors are introduced quickly in the meeting with the developer

The neighbors meet with the developer again over the grading

The neighbors meet with the developer again about the driveway

The neighbors meet with the developer again about the landscaping

The neighbors emet with the developer agaoin about the checks they were promised


The city officials, the foreman, the couple over the trees

The couple with the foreman over the trees they chopped down

The couple salting the site with human remains, causing delays

The couple's speculation about the family next door. Which is endless

The couple's interaction with thing one and thing two


Someone's experience with evil police informants


Thing one and thing two's connection and path together


The couple and thing one's last hours


The couple's thing for each other


The star crossed lovers' thing for each other


The star crossed lover and her mom


The mom and the developer. There's a fertile topic


The family next door, the fire, and thing two


The wife putting a terrible curse on those who killed her trees


The husband and his wolves versus city officials


City officials and the developer, and the foreman


The foreman and the subcontractors


The couple and their encounters with miscreants. They've been stashing them for years guess where


This is all much better seen as a line chart or a twisted garden hose. order it into a sequence and we might have something. The one characteristic characterizing these characters is the fact that they're all bent. They're all crooked. They're all trying to get away with something they're not supposed to be doing. And in the end, they all come toppling down. On the other hand, things go on as usual anyway.



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