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The construction critical path June 21, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Characters, construction news, Plotting, synopsis, Urban Development.

The progress of the new development is almost a character in itself. It’s more than just the background in front of which everybody does their little weaving dance. Altho the pounding of pile drivers does make you tap your toes.

So we begnn on the eve of ground breaking, when the rumored development that will turn a block’s kudzu-filled back yards into condos and retail shopping with a parking deck staring at them.

The developer promises them all sorts of things if they cooperate and not give them any trouble. The neighbors get greedy.

Construction starts. The noise, the trucks. Complaints pour in. they call the cops. Delays in construction from the very beginning. Rain closes the excavation dump.

The next phase, pilings

The next stage, columns

The next stage, floors and walls

The next stage, closing up, facade

The next stage, interior

The next stage, punch list and landscaping

The next stage, renting and moving in

The next stage, new neighbors, life goes on

Included in these stages are all the various things that go wrong with the project because of the ‘shit happens’ rule, and because of the old lady’s curses. People get sick and injured, delays occur, hoops appear out of nowhere that have to be jumped through, weather develops, labor walks off the job, you name it.

Things that can go wrong on a construction site are my current motivation for writing this all down, but I’m in a ticklish spot, because I can’t very well go wishing for all sorts of bad things to happen just so i can make a dramatic tale out of it. That would generate a bunch of bad karma, especially since the site in question is truly disturbed electrically (haunted).

My duty as an artist is to take what will hopefully be an entirely routine and ordinary construction job, and turn it into murder and mayhem through the magic of artistry.

Not that any construction job is ordinary or routine. And it’s never boring.



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