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2nd stab at synopsis June 22, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Characters, construction news, Plotting, synopsis.

This is my second try at getting all the bits and pieces into some sort of order. once i had a bunch of threads (i mean character lines), then it's just a matter of weaving them all together so that everything makes sense. over the next few whiles, this list will be refined and come into some sort of outline shape. and then i'll put it into words and will have my synopsis. then i'll make it into a chapter outline, and then i'll be ready to start writing. but this could still take a couple of months before i'm ready to write.



As story opems, old couple are disposing of another neighborhood problem

Day dawns peaceful except for morning traffic clogging their peaceful street

Meeting the neighbors, setting up the surroundings

Meeting with the developer, promises and expectation of project

Thing One mooches shamelessly

Thing Two mooches with great shame

Old couple investigate family next door

Construction begins

Old couple target a cat-killing dog

Construction – clearance week 1

Old couple's tree damaged by mini dozer

Thing One is involved in skullduggery

Construction – excavation to week 6

Old lady's first curse

Dumptruck breaks axle coming over rocks

Animals found buried in lot

Shovel and crane breakdown and replacement

Thing One gets paranoid

Bulldozer breakdown and service call

The arborist's first visit – plans for drive and drainage

Thing One and Thing Two quarrel

Changing plans for alley to suit neighbors

The arborist's second visit – plans for dirt fill for neighbors

Dump closed when it rains

Citations for having trailer in street

Moving trailer,  hookup troubles

Man nearly drowned when portojohn falls

Old couple salt the excavation with human remains

Thing one gets beaten up and robbed

Hitting water

Old couple makes the spring larger

Old couple investigate star crossed lovers

Family next door acts suspiciously

Old couple's tree further damaged by shovel sliding into it

Bones found in excavation, archeologists called in

Construction – pilings

Thing Two goes thru one of his down spirals, borrowing, moaning

Old couple's tree damaged again

Man crushed in bulldozer accident

Old couple poison the construction crew

Family next door continues being weird

Construction – columns

Old couple get in trouble about raising wolves

Tree comes down in storm

Thing One does too much dope and dies

Star crossed lovers have an incident

Old couple discover Thing One

The old lady's third curse

Thing One is buried in a piling


Toxic waste found on site, tests that took weeks to come in

Star crossed lovers busted

Star crossed lovers in jail, evicted, cleaning out house

Hippie mom cleans out her kid's ex house

Hippie mom learns the extent of her kid's waywardness

Construction – shell

Old couple poison the construction crew again

Star crossed girl comes back to live with mom

Hippie mom tries to stop smoking dope

Thing Two disappears for awhile off to rehab

Foundation settles unexpectedly. Cracks appear

Star crossed girl, 14, put under supervision of creepy social worker

Star crossed girl tells social worker to fuck off

Star crossed girl either goes straight or backslides out of boredom

Hippie mom arrested and threatened with prosecution based on informant

Thing One discovered in pilings, support workaround

Hippie mom sleeps with developer

Hippie mom records informant

Thing Two goes thru one of his good spells, grows produce

Old couple investigate developer

Man falls off 4th floor.

Hippie mom nakes a deal with the DA

Old couple's wolves come in handy

Everyone taken ill after iced tea and cookies

Family next door gets stranger still

Construction – interior

Hiippie mom backslides on the dope thing

Family next door has a fire

Family next door is rescued by Thing Two

Thing Two is a hero. It hurts to be a hero

Hippie mom falls off roof

Star crossed girl suffers when her mom dies

Extent of  developer's ambitions revealed

Sequel prequel

Construction – punch/landscape

Man electrocuted

Construction – rental, moving

Developer gets his

Foreman gets his

Established development

Cast of 1000s gets theirs

Construction – new neighbors

Life goes on.

Remaining neighbors get their comeuppance

Star crossed girl deals with her situation

Old couple continue doing their thing



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