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Construction Wednesday 5/24 June 22, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

the neighbors' ex treeThe construction trailer was brought in, on a semi and trailer, put up on blocks on the northwest corner of the site, attached to electric lines, bellsouth out to connect 3 phone lines tomorow. Forman complains it’s going to cost $40k to move the bellsouth box on the northwest corner.

Forman had to leave early. Somebody else watched over things. I sat here at the computer and watched them taking the trees down in the old industrial lot behind our house. First off in the northeast corner. Beeping as the crane thing on treads backed up to put tension on ropes the mexicans had thrown up into the trees. Then chainsawing for a few minutes, followed by a big choof as the tree walloped the dirt. Was it five trees? it was a sickening sound, but after awhile i blanked it out because i was working.

Then they got to the trees in the neighbor on the corner’s back yard, i mean encroachment. When you look at the survey of this block, it’s obvious nobody knew how to draw a straight line. The neighbors on the corner many years ago paved a driveway and put up a fence ten feet into the property of the industrial lot. Perhaps nobody noticed.

Mexican crew throwing ropes up into the trees in the neigbor’s back yard, off in the woods where the white supervisors couldn’t see them, having a good time. I could see them in the neighbor’s back yard, sharing cigarettes, singing popular spanish songs and dancing with each other out of boredom. Who knows, they were a subcontractor here to clear out the trees, perhaps they’re all cousins and arrived in the same van this morning.

One guy was throwing ropes up into the tree limbs. Took a long time until he got one over the big limb 50 feet up. Then they pulled up bigger ropes, and the guy got into climbing gear and was hoisted up by three guys until he worked his way up with what are they called extenders? Ascenders? He got up to a lower branch and walked out to the end of it and they threw a rope up to him with a chainsaw attached, and he drew it up and started it up and began sawing off chunks maybe six feet long, working his way to the trunk.

Then he rapelled off and they proceeded to cut thru the trunk. Big white crane on treads waiting to drag trees away, putting tension on the tree ropes before cutting.

The tree, the largest in that back yard, fell unexpectedly because the core was rotten. It fell toward the street but didn’t go as far as i would have thought, didn’t go into the street. It was 50-60 from the street.

Trees coming down all day. I hear machines, then sawing, then crack and whoosh, then chainsaws cutting it all up, beep beep from bulldozer, small one, loading tree bits into dumptrucks, dumptrucks rolling up the gravel and rolling away.



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