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3rd try at synopsis June 26, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Characters, construction news, Plotting, synopsis, Urban Development.

Construction starts. May

Old couple targets cat-killer, buries dog

            Neighbors meet with developer


Site clearance

            Construction, silt fence, old couple’s trees slightly damaged

            Construction, trees, chainsaws, house shakes when tree falls

            Construction, stupid dumptruck driver slipping on rocks

            Construction, crane and shovel break down and get replaced

            Old lady wakes with a curse

            Construction, dumptruck breaks axle

            Construction, arborist is called in

            Neighbors meet to say how everyone wants their dirt

            Thing One gets paranoid


Dumptrucks and bulldozers. June

            Construction, bulldozer breakdown and service call

            Construction, house shakes when shovel breaks up concrete slabs

            Construction, dump is closed when it rains

            Construction, animals found buried on site

            Construction, miscalculation, have to move trailer, fines

            Construction, man nearly drowns when portojohn falls into pit

            Neighbors have meeting to complain of trucks going by all day

            Old couple continue neighborhood patrols

            Old couple salts the building site with human remains


Dumptrucks, bulldozers and excavators

            House shakes and rattles when big heavy tractors go by

            Old couple’s tree damaged further when excavator slides into it, 2nd curse

            Old couple interact with things one and two

Old man tries unsuccessfully to get other dog

Nice gay couple want a lot of free stuff from the construction job

            Neighbors complain of dust, access to alley

            Construction, developer decides to do alley first and deal with yards later

Hippie mom finds a lump

Hippie mom is diagnosed with breast cancer

Star crossed girl is upset by mom’s cancer, but responds with denial

Thing One gets robbed


Excavation. They hit water

Old lady makes spring hole larger

Old man takes care of business without telling old lady

Everyone taken ill after iced tea and cookies at old couple’s house

Thing One tries to sell Thing Two’s vegetables to neighbors

            Thing One and Thing Two have a fight

            Construction, they dig the alley close to the tree, arborist is called in

            Arborist wants neighbors to draw up plans for grade changes

            Nice gay couple don’t want to have to follow the rules, and get the dirt anyway

            Nice gay couple poisons the old lady’s front garden

Construction, earth moving equipment supposed to be gone in a week

            Construction, hitting water, they have to dig it out and pipe it before proceeding

Star crossed lovers living life in the fast lane

Hippie mom gets lump taken out

Hippie mom refuses chemo

Hippie mom turns to old lady for herbs and treatment

Hippie mom sleeps with developer


Big drill, dumptrucks, roller, bulldozers

            Construction, where to put them all? makes surveying harder

            Construction, it’s hard to deal with the hole because of the idle equipment

Construction, dozer driver falls into hole and drowns

Neighbors turn against couple when they call in the arborist

Construction, accident moving a container in the wind with the terex.

Construction, man crushed in bulldozer accident

            Thing Two goes to rehab

            Construction, vicious summer storm, borer hit by lightning

Nice gay couple acts like everybody’s picking on them

Nice gay couple acts like the old couple are traitors

Hippie mom has another lump

Hippie mom has a mastectomy, refuses chemo

Hippie mom loses developer

Star crossed lovers are robbed

Old lady makes a batch of poisoned brownies

Old lady is robbed by gang who robbed star crossed lovers, they steal poisoned brownies

Old lady assures star crossed girl she’ll never be bothered by gang again

Star crossed lovers arrested

Star crossed lovers are separated and put in jail

Construction, crane gets stuck in mud, has to be dug out by hand

Hippie mom cleans out her kid’s ex house

Hippie mom learns the extent of her kid’s waywardness


Pilings. July

Construction, bones found, work halted, archeologists called in

Construction, immigration rounds up Mexicans on jobsite

Construction, toxic waste found on site, tests took weeks to come in

Old couple poison the construction crew

Old couple’s tree damaged again then knocked down in storm

Old couple find thing one when he starts to smell. They think thing two did it

Old couple decide to bury Thing One, old lady curses the place

Nice gay couple is renovating their house entirely out of code

Nice gay couple is cited for numerous housing code violations

Nice gay couple poisons the couple’s front garden

Nice gay couple get a gang of Mexicans to do the renovation

Star crossed lovers get out and await trial

Star crossed girl goes to live with her mom

Star crossed girl is assigned a parole officer

Hippie mom starts trying to stop smoking dope

Hippie mom afraid to be seen

Star crossed girl is hit on by parole officer, then threatened

Star crossed girl starts to get her life back together


Shell. August/September

Construction, contractor falls off 4th floor

Construction, hurricane

Construction, fire on the site, daring rescue

Construction, news coverage

Construction, developer’s ambitions revealed

Old couple get in trouble about raising wolves

Nice gay couple tries to bribe their way out of the trouble

Nice gay couple gets off with a warning

Nice gay couple runs afoul of the arborist

Thing Two gets out of rehab

Hippie mom tries to hide

Hippie mom’s house is raided and everything confiscated

Hippie mom is put in jail, child in foster home

Hippie mom bails out, learns who turned her in


Interior. November

Construction, foundation settles unexpectedly. Cracks appear

Construction, Thing One discovered in pilings, workaround

            Nice gay couple go to jail for numerous code violations

            Nice gay couple’s house is condemned and bulldozed

Hippie mom sets up informant

Hippie mom gets daughter back

Hippie mom loses her self-consciousness

            Family next door have a fire

Thing Two comes to rescue family next door


Finishing and renting. April

Hippie mom backslides, falls off roof and dies

Star crossed girl grieves and grows up

Family next door move away

Construction, contractor electrocuted

New neighbors, new pets

Lots of vacant property on the block now

Construction, developer gets his

Construction, foreman gets his

Construction, cast of thousands gets theirs


End of story

tell me what you think. is it interesting? is it confusing? is it rich and varied with lots of character development and twisted story arcs?




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