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Construction Tuesday 5/30 June 27, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

storage tank dug up unexpectedly

The contractors have red t-shirts on today, a bunch of waddling dwarves. The big claw tractor is out there digging up mounds of dirt and making a hill in the middle of the field. I guess they’re digging up the storage tanks, of which there are said to be 2. i was trying to sleep, and they started at 7:30 cranking up and revving the tractor and bringing in dump trucks. The red guys just sit in their trucks, white t-shirted black or spanish guys are out there relaying orders and making adjustments.

Dumptrucks everywhere, four or six. They come in down name street, past the house, and then down the side street. Their transmissions bump like that one did that day that broke. Lots of downtime as trucks sit idle and claw guy discuss things with the foremen.

Think of the life of a shovel operator. Picking up dirt and loading trucks, digging holes, pulling out trees. Destruction. What’s his worldview like if all he does is tear things up and clear them out?

7 bucketloads per dumptruck. Where do they go? They hit the highway. They make such noise as they go by the house. We sat on the porch and had to stop readiing to each other whanever one came by. They’d cruise by empty, foot off the gas, the exhaust systems sounding like a dragon with a sinus problem. Then they’d turn the corner, sometimes at the same time as a full one was coming around the corner. Sometimes there were two empties and a full one passing at the same time. And we had to pause every time.



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