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Star crossed girl as mythic hero June 29, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Characters, construction news, Creative Writing, Plotting.

Star crossed girl’s story arc as a mythic hero (see 45 master characters)

Act 1: Containment

1. The illusion of a perfect world

dropped out of school, living with the boyfriend, not working, having everything handed to her.

using coping strategies of naivete and cinderella, pleasing and validation from others

2. Betrayal or realization

home invastion, robbery, gun to her head. then the cops have the nerve to arrest them instead of going after the bad guys who beat and robbed them.

forced to choose between facing her fears or staying a passive victim. What is life all about?

Coping strategies fall apart. Tries to hide evidence and is caught, left without male protection, taken advantaged of as they set her up to take the fall.

3. Awakening, preparing for the journey

passive, blames others, acts victim, avoids situation by not talking about it

active, mom challenges her to go after what she wants, to use it positively

she goes back and forth between fighting optimism and depressive hopelessness and self blame.

Since mom takes the positive role, she’s free to take the negative role, and all mom’s exhortations go in one ear and out the other. determined to lay down and die. Mom only leaves her alone when her cancer comes back and she gets self centered.

Counselor tries to make her dependent on him, tells her she’s helpless

She expects an outside rescue, wastes time, risks failing drug test

Act 2: Transformation

4. Descent, passing gates of judgment

star crossed girl feels helpless to avoid guy’s pressure

something inside her won’t let her be victim to him, coping mechanisms put her in his power

Mom gets arrested by the informer

Girl feels helpless making mom’s bail. Inner turmoil

Transfers fear for herself to concern for her mom

Realizes she’s done this to herself, remorse and wasted time, misplaced goals

Longs for a way to get back at informer for hurting mom

Realizes what her mom means to her, accepts herself

Faces abuse and lies in relationship, beginning to write about herself, drawings

Realizes she’s not powerless against informer, devises good way to get back at him

Cuts her ties to boyfriend and realizes she was just being used

5. Eye of the storm

Plotting to get the informer and get charges against mom dropped

Offer to get record expunged, become a cop, turn in friends

Temptation is really a version of the pleasing coping mechanism

False sense of security, wants to go her own way

Mom tries to keep her the same, friends also

Relaxes and violates parole, thinking she’s safe

6. Death, all is lost

Mom dies

Fails drug test and is in the power of another case worker who wants her to join his gang

She’s confused and desperate, can’t see any hope

Act 3. Emergence

7. Support

Reaches out to the old couple

Learns shamanism and herbs and starts following mom’s old ambitions to be an artist. Gets her GED

Gets a job at the garden center and starts studying botany.

8. Rebirth, moment of truth

Trial, courage, brains, heart.

Different reaction to seeing boyfriend

5 years probation

Opposite of former coping strategies – naive, cinderella, nice. So, sophisticated, joan of arc, truthful

9 Full circle, return to perfect world

Boyfriend back, not attracted to him

Writing her story

Taking online college classes. Decides she wants to be a counsellor.



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