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Generic names for the characters July 1, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Characters, construction news, Creative Writing.

Here’s what i’ve come up with for character names. I’ve decided that since they’re all turning out to be archetypes and fairy tale characters, they might as well have simple names that are easy to remember.


I’m wondering whether this is something i could sustain thruout the story, or would it get tiresome? What do you all think? And which of the names would you pick? Please feel free to suggest other names.

Thing One and Thing Two          Thing One and Thing Two

Star and Gordon                        Krost       Crost        Croest

Old couple                                 Cuppel      Capell        Koupple  

Old man                                     Altermann      Alderman

Old woman                                Altefrau      Velha

Family Next Door                      Nixdorf       Knecstore    Nextor

Lance  (and Virgil) Gay              Gay             Gaye             Gae

Margaret Hippie                         Hippe         Hipje          Hipee

George Foreman                        Foreman      Foremen    Forman

Joe Developer                            De Velper  De Veliper  D’Velopre



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