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The mystical side of these characters July 1, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Characters, construction news, Plotting.

Following is loose ramble of notes that I wrote because I couldn’t sleep. It’s 3:15, and a couple of hours ago I woke up really hot and uncomfortable. I sponged off with a cool towel and tossed and turned, but what the fuck, so I got up to do some work. After dealing with the resurrection of a website all day, and not thinking about construction news, I’m no closer to the crystallizing of the plot than I was before, but I’m less stressed out about it, and maybe now can let it slip to the background for a few more days. The whole thing will come sputtering out when it’s triggered, like any other reflex. Inspiration is a reflex. Ooh. That sounds true. Just picking up a brush triggers inspiration for me. The sight of a blank canvas. Wet cement.

Anyway, I got out of bed thinking about how there are a bunch of characters in this story, but really only three main ones, and they’re all women. And I wondered how that worked.

When I concentrate on the goddess triad aspects of the story, the men seem more like exquisite ornaments than functional characters. I end up with three strong women – youth, mother, crone. Men are secondary characters. The old man, the boyfriend/developer, Billybob. Sidekicks.

The old man and women are gentle and humorous, supporting and affectionate. Their sex life is varied and active.

The boyfriend and developer are men’s men with 3″ dicks, spiritually speaking. She’s proving to herself that abusive men are everywhere.

Billybob is hung. He and Star are playing house. The perfect world.

Star has known old woman forever, helped her make cookies, mowed back yard for her.

Living next door to ‘college’ kids she sees deck, kitchen, hears music, sometimes yelling.

As Star’s gotten involved with drugs, she still talks a good game, but she fucks up all the time and gets mad if anyone notices.

Maggie – a t-shirt. Yes, it’s breast cancer. The back says no I’m an amazon. Still refusing to wear a bra. Screw-in prosthetics suck.

First Star gets in trouble, then Maggie, then Velha in the end. Girl’s troubles have to do with the stupidity of youth. Mom’s troubles have to do with standing up for herself, being ruthless. Grandma’s troubles are to do with the end of life, she’s presiding over death in the neighborhood, she’s the judge and executioner.

So girl can embody first stage and some of second, mom the middle, and granny the emergence. Girl is misguided, mom is depressed, granny acts. It’s not that everybody’s not going thru the entire process themselves, just that each age gravitates toward being stuck, or working thru one particular stage, one before another.

Containment, transformation, emergence

Youth, mother, crone

Jail, cancer, activism

Granny not going to chain herself to the equipment but she’ll do everything she can to sabotage it, including poison, tampering, salting, reporting. Sending off letters to the editor about soulless development, taking soil samples of her own, calling arborist, documenting infractions and suspicious activities with digital camera their son gave them. Has trouble using the computer, typical old person. Mom lives on the computer, kid breathes im, neopets and limewire.

Gran’s mission is to achieve. tarot card 8

Mom’s is to accept herself. 5

Kid’s is to avoid pain. 2

Girl heads for a fall by being arrogant and lazy and thinking it’ll go on forever without work. So her life is changed forever. Mom heads for a fall by failing to get herself together at a critical time. So her life is ended. Grans heads for a fall because she’s letting anger get in the way of her work. So her life is transformed.

But where are we going with gran? Does she get arrested for lots of bodies? Has she been doing the arsenic and old lace thing? no, just cleaning up the neighborhood, giving them a decent burial instead of getting sold to some medical school or being dried for a stand-up skeleton in some fancy doctor’s office. Gran thinks people should die at home and be buried in the back yard along with the previous generations.

No, Gran was going for her mastery levels in cosmic college and blew it, because she let it get petty. Now she has a chance to let go and be content with only the good things, like a sweetness and light lobotomy. How will she react? Is she still a rebel after all these years, or has she learned the lesson of meekness? What do you think?

By foils, I don’t mean to put down the men. But it turns out that this isn’t a man’s story. Nobody’s more surprised than me.

Billy Bob is everything you want in a young guy – sex and strength, more enthusiasm than experience. He promises to make a good husband and father, if he can stay out of jail.

The dealer exboyfriend and the developer and who else? Since the mom’s playing the field, they’re the batters, and she’s taking them one at a time until she axes them or they walk. They’re entertaining, challenging, dangerous, and real pigs when you come right down to it.

The old man is a happy person, absorbed in his pursuits all day, always affectionate and caring, a well broken in husband. They have been thru it all and achieved wisdom, humor, and horniness. In fact, of all three, the old woman is the happiest in bed by far. After all, the star crossed couple don’t know shit about sex yet. And the hippie mom’s guys all are sensitivity-deficit). And the old couple have practiced tantra since the ’70s.

I wonder what you readers think about the characters.



1. Old Bull Lee - July 2, 2006

Having a three-inch (or thereabouts) dick, I find myself peeved by your use of “three inch dick” as a label of dismissal. “Men’s men with three inch dicks,” I suppose, means . . . what, exactly? That hypermasculinity/boorishness/aggression/assholishness is somehow compensation for small penis size? This is a “feminist” overgeneralization that is beneath you, even if this novel is mainly about women from a woman’s point-of-view.

Plenty of guys with small units can be quite humane, even sensitive and capable of love, wisdom, and understanding.

2. constructionews - July 2, 2006

i’m sorry for the implied insult. it wasn’t directed at you.

it’s actually an incident in the character’s background, having to do with sex in the atlanta zoo at night, in the company of a gorilla with a considerably less than 3″ dick.

and i’m certainly not tying penis size to compassion. in fact, there’s an inverse correlation. the guys with the biggest dicks tend to be the most insensitive and self-absorbed. altho this is a gross generalization as well: hell, i know guys with big dicks, they’re so sensitive they can’t move. it takes all kinds.

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