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The old lady July 1, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Backstory, Characters, construction news, Creative Writing, original fiction.

Velha is very fond of destruction scenarios. Death. She sits and looks up necro websites. Earth changesmeteor collisions, catastrophe, stock market crash.

Woman has a big negative streak. She looks for the bad in people. The old man ignores the bad and amuses himself with differences.

She reads all the occult books, but never considers herself a witch or a sorceror or someone who practiced magic. She read and studied and collected out of curiosity, and her interests parallaled what others called magic anyway but was clearly just knowing your materials. She uses her knowledge to forecast disaster that never comes, to concoct dangerous potions, to spy on others, to seek to disrupt, to subvert and sabotage

How does this fail her? when does she realize she’s got to change from vengeance to forgiveness. Does she fight it to the end? Does she play the masculine hero?

Challenge, obstacles, transformation

Challenge she ignores, obstacles as surrendering coping strategies, transformation..

Annual get your wish day, she spends all ehr time preparing herself with knowledge and a stash of herbs. That and her negativity are her weapons. She’lll dissapprove something to death. And then her tools start to fail and the danger increases and suddenly she’s in it up to her neck. The dark night of the soul. Fork in the road, awaken or rebel, death or victory

So what is she fighting? Change, the building, people who’ve hurt her. She’s misguided because she’s bringing death on people who’ve hurt her and is acting the wounded victim, seeking revenge.

She talks like a sweet little old lady but in her heart she’s murderous.. Oh I don’t know how the tea caome to be tainted, officer. My kitchen’s rather a mess, you know.

What happens when her tools fail? She can’t conjur or curse enough to get immediate action, her sabotage goes unnoticed. The papers dismiss her as a crank. The building proceeds, the tree is lost, the people around her are suffering, she’s grieving and boiling in impotent anger. She realizes it can’t go on, and reaches out to help mother and daughter in order to pull herself out of depression. Just as she steadies herself, there’s a crisis of death to show her how powerless she really is.

So she adjusts. She abandons the fight against the building, because she’s done lost. resets her priorities on taking care of her husband and teaching herbs that comes up because of her work with the girls – loving and passing on wisdom. She meets some nice young new residents and feels content as the spring begins.

So. I’ve got the three female characters kind of figured out now. The next step is to twist their stories together until they fit nicely, and then add the minor characters, and then I’ll be ready to start setting up the chapter structure. It’s not going fast, but it is going, and that’s the whole point.



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