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Another try at plot structure July 3, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Blog project, construction news, Creative Writing, Plotting, synopsis.


Peaceful only in the beginning. Then the construction starts, and the worries over her trees, and the neighbors get greedy, and stuff goes on next door, and the old woman starts to wind up. Then Things One and Two start in, and the construction gets worse, and the trees get damaged, and she starts fuming. Then Maggie finds a lump and panics, as Star reacts with denial. Maggie has a lumpectomy. The old lady takes care of her.

Then the star crossed lovers get beaten and robbed, but the cops arrest them instead, the old lady gets the robbers, the neighbors show their asses, Maggie falls apart, there’s a big scramble to get Star back. Things One and Two fight and Thing Two goes into rehab. Drilling starts. The tree comes down in a storm. They find Thing One, bury him and curse the project.



Peaceful only in the beginning. Star comes back to live with Maggie and takes piss tests. Maggie tries to give up the weed. Construction hits water, old couple salts the site. Accident kills worker. Accident breaks machine. Lightning hits crane. Star’s caseworker hits on her, threatens her. Nice gay couple burn a cross into old couple’s front garden. Old couple are compiling dossier on family next door. Maggie sleeps with the developer, who talked a good game but was just using her. He reacts poorly to her scars. The old man gets in trouble about raising wolves. Maggie arrested, drugs found, house impounded, Star in juvie, ex boyfriend and old man rescue Maggie and they get Star back. They plot revenge.



Peaceful? Maggie quits the weed again. She’s found another lump and they’re going to take her breast. The old lady is her oncologist.

The shell goes up.. Worker killed falling from 4th floor. Et cetera.

Maggie gets over her embarassment, gets stronger, sees brighter future

Maggie falls off a roof and dies

Star goes off the deep end then pulls herself up short

Old lady in trouble. Fails test of mastery.

Men work revenge




Old lady realizes some shit

Trap is sprung on informer, developer arrested.

Worker electrocuted.

Fire and rescue

Old man in trouble

Redemption of old lady, star, understanding of maggie

New neighbors, life goes on


You can maybe tell by this that I’m relying heavily on ‘a miracle happens here’ as the story goes on. In truth, I only have a vague idea of how it’s going to turn out at this point.



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