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Braiding the main characters July 3, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Characters, construction news, Creative Writing, synopsis.

How to weave the three women. That’s the next task. If it’s a duality, then you have to twist each strand against itself before twining it with the other strand. If it’s a triad, then you braid it together, each strand brushing against all others in every combination for the length of the tail. Tale.

In one sense, this story is about the timeless dynamic of youth, adult, and age, but each character has a complete storry at odds with the basic rhythm. And this must be bullshit here because I’ve lost my thread. Pardon.

Because each character sees the world from a particular level, each going thru the same things in their turn. Wisdom sets in after a few cycles – you don’t fall in love at 60 like you did at 22.

Each woman is a facet of the triple goddess, and each is a complete being in herself, the same kind of miracle as the male trinity being one and three. Or the ‘two become one flesh’ trick of holy matrimony.

So, splitting it into threes:


The little girl starts living

The middle aged woman accepts her life

The old woman puts her things in order


Girl learns life is hard

Mom learns it’s a test of strength

Old woman learns how to live without strength


Inappropriate tools

Tools fail one by one

Left with heart brains and courage


Girl gets in trouble                                                 ]                  

                        Mom gets in trouble         ]

                                           Old lady gets in trouble                  ]


Get in trouble first, spend the rest of the story getting out of it. Antihero, bang then whimper

Get in trouble in the middle, burn out. apocalypse

Get in trouble at the end, work into it until the edge. Hero


Girl gets in trouble, mom tries to rescue her, old lady tries to rescue mom

Who rescues old lady? She forces them all to work to rescue themselves? Solidarity among women? How boring. What’s wrong with a knight in shining armor?

Thing Two rescues the family next door, and the old man and the ex boyfriend lead to the capture of the bad guy and the salvation of the trio of women.

The guys take up the slack when the women get in deep. This is where it becomes a man’s story too. It’s a dance. The women go as far as they can, and then a miracle occurs, and that’s their men, being men and doing what only they can do. And I’m not talking about peeing standing up.. I can do that too.


Maggie Hipje doesn’t get the informer, like I thought before. This is the part that just came to me this morning, bubbling up to solve a bunch of problems with a simple twist. Maggie is too busy burning out to save her own ass.

The ex boyfriend and the old man and the star crossed boy get the bad guys. The informer is working for the developer to empty the houses. Brought in to take out two of the neighbors. He’s developer’s cousin.

Cops come down on neighborhood because of misinformation from informant. Thing 1 or 2 has something to say about informant and dv, he saw something. The old couple see them having sex on the construction site in the moonlight. She wonders if they’re rival magicians, changes her gameplan.

They are really smoking a joint and hitting off a bottle, their bobbing heads reflective if their idle kicking of the dirt like a couple of kids. They see the naked old couple as ghosts in the windows, doing lewd things.

Just like the arborist and the star crossed kids, going to the cops has widespread consequences. Leads to downfall of developer.




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