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Construction, Thursday 6/1 July 3, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

The big excavator operator evidently didn’t show up today. The bulldozer is loading the trucks. 4 bucketloads per truck. Empty trucks line the side street waiting.

Surveyors are out on name street today for the sewer project. They’ve marked phone in orange, someone was out with snot green marking gas. He said in a couple of weeks there won’t be dumptrucks going thru because they’ll be lined up on the street out front waiting to take our road up and haul it off. They’re going to close the road while they dig up the street. The notices will be coming around soon. Soon could be months, however.

Foreman says that the engineers don’t tell him the things they need to do. they’re talking to himabout the 4th floor and he’s still trying to decide where the pipes and eleictrical things are supposed to go in the ground.

They found another tank; they’re going to get the EPA people here to test it, and they have a flat loader to take the tanks away. guys in button shirts are here to look at everything. The ones in blue shirt and kakhi pants carry a legal pad. They point and act superior, but they don’t know the site, and they kind of ignore foreman, who points everything out. Someof the shirts are wearing hardhats.

The tanker comes and pumps out the sludge, big red beat up waste disposal hauler. Then the crane has a good time pummelling the tank by our property line to death, shaking the house, and puts it on a trailer, and then two more tanks on two more trailers.



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