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Let’s try plotting again July 4, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, construction news, Plotting.

I’ve been trying to get the plot straight, this time graphically, since i’m a painter as well as a writier. If I can see it, I can draw it.

You should see it. I’ve got it all stuck on a sheet of paper, the characters on the x-axis and time the horizontal scale. A bunch of lines, arrows, color coding, tension liines. Wherever anyone interacts with anyone else. Whwnever a character fades from the action. If i tried to scan it you’d just curse me for the lack of detail visible. So i’ll turn it sideways aand outline it from the beginning. I hope this isn’t getting too tiresome for you. i think it’s silly to just start off writing before you know where it leads, but my spirit wants an end to this puzzling and obsessing on character, and wants to start writing the thing.


Part 1

Mysterious burial at night

Meeting with neighbors and developer

The neighborhood

Construction begins

The first curse

A truck axle breaks

Dinner at maggie’s

Old man goes after rogue dogs

Thing one tries to scam the old couple

The tree is damaged, the authorities are caled

A bulldozer breaks

Another meeting

The tree is damaged again

The second curse

The dump is closed because of rain

The old couple have sex

The construction trailer has to be moved

Animal remains are found on site

Thing one gets paranoid, sees something

Thing two starts on a downward spiral

The old lady poisons the crew

Maggie disxloses a lump

Maggie has a lumpectomy; old lady nurses

The gayes turn against the old couple

The old couple douse the growing excavation

The tree is badly damaged

Things one and two have a fight

Break in and robbery of star crossed lovers

Robbers steal poisoned cookies meant for constructon crew

Police come, arrest star crossed lovers

Maggie and old lady clear star’s things out of the house

Old couple salt the site with human remains

Thing two is very depressed, decides to go off to rehab again

The old lady has a dream

Strong storm comes up, the dog finds thing one

The tree blows down in the storm

The third curse

The old couple  buries thing one in a piling


Part 2

Workers have hit water unexpectedly

The old lady digs the spring out

Maggie and the old couple visit star in jail

It rains for two days

Lightning hits the new crane

Forman becomes part of the family

The old lady loses her thirst for revenge but can’t resist a dig

The star crossed boy gets out of jail and flees to a militia in north carolina

Star crossed lovers’ house is seized and prepared for auction

Human bones are found on site, the archeologists are called

Star is out of jail, assigned to an asshole court officer

Case worker hits on her, she refuses, he threatens

Maggie starts seeing the developer.

Mexicans rounded up

The old couple discover a cross burned into their garden with gasoline

The developer dumps Maggie

Maggie is arrested, cops find planted drugs and weapons, Star is taken into custody

It rains 4″ in 24 hours

Toxic waste result come back positive

Maggie finds another lump in jail

Bulldozer accident drowns worker

Probable cause is found based on anonymous testimony

The city comes out to investigate a complaint about the old man’s wolves

Thing two sends back letters from rehab

Maggie gets out of jail, the men decide to get even


Part 3

Maggie has a mastectormy, and is in bed for Star’s court appearance

Hurricane damages structure

Maggie becomes addicted to pain killers, hides from sight

Star being piss tested weekly, maggie quits smoking dope too

Old lady nurses Maggie

Fire on construction sit damages beams

Star is depressed, sleeps all day, hopeless

Maggie struggles to quit smoking dope

The Gayes have trouble over their house renovation

Maggie’s ex boyfriend is questioned by police as they dig for more

Maggie is in court, secret testimony makes it look worse

The men discuss the case

Thing One is discovered, major delay to work around flaw

Thing Two returns

Forman declares his love for Maggie

Maggie loses her self-consciousness

Worker falls from fourth floor

The star crossed boy returns

Maggie is back to smoking dope. She hides, and accidently falls off the roof and dies

Star is devestated

The old lady is devestated

Setting the trap: Altman, Barney, Gordon, Forman

Altman takes care of the worlf problem

Construction site features on unsolved mysteries


Part 4

Maggie’s house condemned

Construction foundation settles

Old lady and star go into tailspins in the same house. Lessons

Making sense of Maggie’s death

Resetting priorities

Thing two reveals what thing one said

Trap is sprung on informer. Wolf

Fire at family Nextor’s, Thing Two to the rescue

Thing Two and old man are injured

Developer’s  part is discovered

Old lady nurses old man, Star runs everything else

Star crossed boy is arrested for not wearing his seat belt

Developer arrested

Worker electrocuted

Old couple live in last house on block, forman quit and is renovating only other house, Star goes to community college

New neighbors, new targets





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