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old bulllee chews his cud July 4, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Blog project, construction news, Creative Writing, Letters, original fiction.

dear d:

well, how nice you still like me. i was afraid i’d
find your letter railing at me for my hideously sexist
attitudes. and it wasn’t your dick i was going on
about anyway.

the boyfriend is going to be a comic portrayal,
anyway. fallstaffian. did i mention i can no longer
spell, as a mark of my continuously degrading mental condition?
you do know i’m an amazon now, don’t you? i hope it
won’t shock you. 

i agree about creative writing being a scam. workshop
is a better thing. practice makes perfect. 

i just thought my private musings would come in handy
as an example, and actually wrote to an english
teacher in my kid’s ex high school to see if she
wanted to show her kids. she hasn’t answered.

i’m so glad you like my writing. i really do depend on
your opinion, but for my own private purposes. it
won’t damage me.

and the idea of being collaborative in this effort is
misleading, because it’s my story and it’s going to
get written my way. but my way includes loads of input
from the characters themselves, the necessities of
plot, and reader suggestions when they hit a nerve in
my head, or my character’s head. 

i’m letting the reader be me for awhile, meaning that
i’m writing my own notes and then publishing them
without prettying them up much at all. which is why
i’m using character shorthand like three inch dick.
it’s almost unedited observation (particularly the
strand running under the ‘construction’ tab, which
traces the actual day to day action. 

blogging is very complex, as far as doing simple
things. i’m trying to get listed and read, and have no
idea how to go about it, and keep ending up
registering for this web service and that, and it’s
making me nervous. google probably knows everything
about me by now. and i’ve told them everything
voluntarily. hoist by my petard.

have you any objection to my putting our slightly
expurgated letters up in the comments section of my
wordpress blog?  


From:      “oldbulllee”
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 16:57:12 GMT
Subject: Re: Your Blog and Such


I know your “three inch dick” comment is not aimed at me personally.  In Old Bull’s comment, I was speaking as a generic male.  And, of course, you are perfectly within your rights to make characters any damn way you want them. I dig the Falstaff thing as you put it here.  I await with curiosity the creation of the guy .  How’s it feel to be godlike?

What do you mean, exactly, by your “continuous mental condition”?  Are you refering to the loss of your breast and the way you’re dealing with it?  How does it effect your spelling, exactly?  That’s a new one on me.

Yes, I know you’re an Amazon.  I probably will be somewhat shocked to see this “new you” at first, but how can I be weirded out by something you seem to be so well-adjusted to? (I have this damnable typing quirk–every time I write “you” it comes out “yoiu.”)

I now see what yoiu (see? Res Ipsa) mean about blogging-as-example for a high school composition class.  I suppose it exemplifies your process and may be useful to hammer home the need for drafting and revision. Seeing how you go from initial sketches to fully developed plot/description/character can be instructive.  Good luck with the teacher.  Sometimes it can be hard to get them to communicate during the summer.

I also now understand your intention with unedited blogging–good spontaneous exercise.  My own process is staccato–I’ll spit out a chunk in a blob then rework it, and so on; rinse, repeat, etc.  But I write only rarely.  Writing to you is probably one of the few real workouts I allow myself.  I need something to get pissed off about (my muse is indignation, like Swift), but these days I’m keeping my emotional affect narcotized.  I feel sometimes like a hypocrite–teaching essay writing when I write very little myself.  I am a great reader, though, and that’s half the instruction–how to read.

Go ahead and make any use of our correspondence that you want. I know you’ll change the name to protect the idiot.

Cheers, D



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