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Construction Tuesday 6/6/6 July 8, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

The trucks all day. 7 loads and they’re off. I spent much of the day, and the past few days, drawing the backyard and marking off the shade. I’ve got bricks marking the rain line, and swales of raked gravel and weeds for paths and shade lines. Bought a bunch of sun plants (crocosmia, centaurea, aster, hens and chickens and stuck them in the sun part of the south side of the back yard, and have been watering everything once a day. The last few days have been cool, but it’s going back up into the 90s in the next few days, with no rain in sight. I keep buying plants that need water, tho. Put suzie’s two little azaleas down in the back of the alley beside the house, moved the hostas from the back semicircles into the shade beside the house, and moved the rescued ferns to where the other ferns are in the semicircle. Going to put a rock garden on south side of the back semicircle. I’d like a water garden there, too. Perhaps i can do both…




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