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writer’s obstruction July 9, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, construction news, Creative Writing, original fiction.

well, i’ve got to confess i’m having one hell of a time getting chapter two going. i’ve got all sorts of parts of it written, but i hate the sight of it.

i’m not introducing the characters, i’m just jumping in to fully developed inner traumas. wereas, in snappy comedy crime fiction, for example, nothing is turgid, nothing boils. everything’s terse and distilled.

i guess i’m just having trouble putting what i think into words. i see the scene, i have some idea of the dialog, but when i put it down, i type out the most absurd way of putting it. like that last sentance, for example.

here it’s a full moon. so i’m all confused. and i’m pulling on too many threads to make sense of the whole thing. so i have to wait until i can put thoughts into words with a bit more precision. especially if i’m trying to sketch characters.

speaking of which, i’ve started a new painting, downstairs in the art studio. it’s of my husband, sitting in a pub on a cold spring day sipping a cup of coffee. very rembrandt, the composition. and it’s very dark. so you’d think it would be an easy painting. and it goes very well at first. but then i realize i’ve drawn the face too small. so i smudge it out and start over. and now it’s too big. so i walked away and came up here to work on the second chapter, but got just as frustrated with that. so now i’m doing something that’s not really a waste of time, because i’m writng down all my frustrations, albeit incoherently, and mostly deleted. at least i won’t have to delete this post tomorrow, like i’m going to have to scrub the face and start over.

sometimes when you make a mistake, you pretend not to notice until it’s too late, and then go barging ahead over it.

sometimes you make a mistake because you just can’t give up doing it the way you know doesn’t work

sometimes the mistake is because you didn’t wait, or didn’t act at the right moment. or because your heart wasn’t in it.

ego, timing. stupidity.

oh well. so i’ll start on that fabric project i’ve had sitting on a shelf for awhile. i’ll put in a movie. i’ll read a book (horatio hornblower, crop circles, plotting, big trouble by dave barry). i could always take a nap. naps are good. you can sleep all day long if you take enough naps.

or i can do a rain dance. anyway, never mind. my strategy for writer’s block is to start over, but i’ll give it some time and let it sort itself out this time.



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