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what block? July 12, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Blog project, construction news, Creative Writing, original fiction.

so it seems like a block, because you work your head around how you’ve got it set up, and it just doesn’t work. and you can either beat your head on it and rewrite it to death but it still just doesn’t work. or you can distract yourself with something and let it resolve itself.

or as i like to insist, let the fairies do it.

i sat and worked my fingers to the bone grinding out paragraphs, dialog, thougts, actions. it was all crap. i’m floundering. it’s frustrating.

so fuck it. i turned my attention to other things i’m interested, seeing as i’m doing daily research on my story. that day i figured, what the hell, we haven’t seen this year’s crop of circles in the grain. then that led me to ley lines. then that led me to earth energy grids. and that led me to a map of atlanta, and the strange energy vortex i can see like the vapors coming off the building in ghostbusters.

and i realized that this was also a topic of intense interest to the old lady, who has a keener interest than i do – i’m too lazy.

so, the old lady figures out that the construction site is on top of an energy node, and that the excavation, and her potent curses, were magnified. so getting your wish becomes her test. which she fails to pass, i need to tell you now.

her lesson is a philosophical one, as befits a crone. different than the emotional life lesson maggie learns, or the material life lesson star gets.

so now we have the construction site as a character itself, with a personality. evil, like stephen king? evil like poltergiest? mischevious, like fairies? just your average everyday crack in the world?

how does this sit with the reader, that’s what i want to know? the old lady is turning out to be an activst from the 1960s who never gave up the march, an student of strange things, and she finds what she seeks.

which gives the interesting situation of a flesh and blood character interacting with a building site. it’s not unheard of. i once wrote a short science fiction story about a guy who got messages verbally from the neighborhood mailboxes. of course, he’d done a lot of acid. acid really rips the veils. he’d be able to hear the mailbox thinking. imagine that.

anyway, i spit out a whole lot of observations, and conditions, and things that now had to happen in the story, and i’ll work it all in as i go along. it was information i didn’t have yesterday when i was so blocked, and it came out like an inspiration. and it makes a difference in the story.

i’m still blocked, just not there. i know, can feel, a piece of knowledge, about what’s going to happen, to whom, and it’s just under the surface, bubbling up slowly. i can’t grasp it yet, however, and so time for some more distraction. i could start on that painting downstairs in my studio. i could start on that kimono i’ve been promising my honey to make him, or that silk-painted sarong for a friend of mine, or even matting and shrink-wrapping more prints for the local shop.




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