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a day’s work in a night July 14, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Blog project, construction news, Creative Writing, original fiction.

it’s hot again. it was 89 at ten o’clock, and there’s no rain coming, and no hurricanes coming, and so i can’t sleep. so i’m up working.

and even tho i’m still technically blocked, in that i have no idea where i’m supposed to be going with this story, i’m still at the introductory, chapter two level, and so there are things that need to be said now, and things that can wait, and my major difficulty is in separating the two.

so i don’t ramble. and go off on tangents. and indulge in bad writing. but i backed off a bit and tried a different approach, and now i’ve got a bunch of chapter two written. but of course it’s not coming out the way the outline is, because i’ve already learned more about my characters and the situation than i knew when i wrote the outline, and i’m going to be learning a whole lot more as the story progresses, and it’s just a general idea, that outline i wrote. as it turns out.

i’m pretty tired, because i figured it would be better to burn up whatever useful brain cells i have in this heat turning out product, rather than sitting here typing to an audience who, let’s be honest, probably won’t notice. because nobody reads this blog.

and that’s cool. it leaves me freer to say what i mean rather than what someone would like me to say. i had a radio show once, in college, for several weeks. it was very eerie because it was just me and a turntable and a pair of headphones, talking to myself and playing my favorite music. i was sure there was nobody listening. and i had a fair chance of being right. a college radio station at 4 in the morning. i ask you. i didn’t become a radio personality only because i had a nasty habit of sleeping right thru my shift.

it’s cool how you can hit a wall and turn around like a ninja and suddenly there’s no wall. you kind of sidle up to the wall whistling, and catch it off guard.

but it’s one thirty and my creative stream dried up. i’m going to go to bed now. i’m looking forward to getting up with the start of the construction vehicles, and coming into the computer room to continue messing wtih the old lady and her day.



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