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Construction Friday 6/16 July 18, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

More carving out edges. They’ll be going along the back soon.

The bulldozer operator and foreman and some other guy in workclothes stood around the back looking into the yards for awhile, then the other guy started clipping the silt fence. They’re going to start moving dirt onto the backyards this afternoon. People need to get their shit out of their back yards now. Like our tenant. Who said he’d sue if they covered his trailer.

Talked to foreman on our way to the library. They’re not going to take the dirt across the fence until Monday or Tuesday. They had to move the trailer at 6 this morning or face a $2000/day fine from the city. But he thought he could park it in the street since 6 spaces of onstreet parking had been permitted them by the city. He had to get bellsouth and ga power back in to run more lines across the street. He’s going to try to tap into the next house’s electricity and pay his bill. His water, too. The guy who owns the house at the end of the alley also owns the house next to it. He uses one as an office and rents to a painter guy, and the other house is rented out. He lives in roswell.

The specs on the dirt for the backyards have changed. They were 2000′, now it’s 500′. That one neighbor wants to build an extension on to the back of his house, wants to run dirt underneath to build up the surface. This would leave pits on either side of his house for water from our streeet to collect in. I told him he needed to get people to sign something because they were litigious round here.

The big standpipe upon the street is the water connection, for hydrant. They dug it out yesterday and we could see where the pipe had been shut off and severed.

They’ve changed the plan for the alley. Not modular wall now, but curb and gutter.

He’s going to get a trucker to haul the contaminated dirt out to buford, where he can avoid a dump fee? He’s paying 65/hr to the guy, he figures 3 hours’ work.




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