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Construction Week 5, Monday 6/19 July 19, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

I sent husband out to see why the arborist was there (because i’d emailed him that they were starting the alley. He came out and saw where they’d made their cut four feet from the tree and sliced off a couple of roots. He was unconcerned about that, but looked askance at the idea of putting dirt on the yards, or cutting the other neighbor’s trees (and foreman said the fees would be prohibitive anyway, even if the construction crew took them down for her). no dirt without plans and drawings being filed. By the neighbors. And that nice gay guy is going away on a self-improvement seminar this weekend.

Arborist wants plans and drawings about new dirt on land, on penalty of having city shut down the construction for transferring dirt without city oversight. More trouble for the neighbor because they’re expecting to have earthmoving equipment here this week only.

He’s all upset because it’s going thru the city, and he wanted it all under the table.

They’re fixing to cut checks for neighbors in the next few days, arrangement had something to do with the soil transfer, they now have to write that out of things people have to sign, so there’s a delay on the checks.

Neighbor thinks it’s all our fault for getting the arborist here without neighborhood consensus.

I went out to the cut and was astonished to see that the alleyway was originally built on rubble. I found an old stocking in the rubble. From the 20s? my trees are growing on rubble. Only the hill to park is real dirt.

Early in the morning we realized they were doing the alley.

Late in the morning they were talking about the dirt.

The tenant put his trailer in our back yard, and later at night his truck. Maybe it’ll be blocked in for months.

Interesting low key amiable chat with foreman at the back fince. Pointed out the twisty tree and said sign of water, where’s the spring? He said the guy at the end of the alley said the stream pipe runs right under his house. Another bad sign, a road aimed right at him,and water.



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