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Construction Wednedsay 6/21 July 21, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

The hole they started digging before is now deeper. The alleyway they scraped down to below the roots is now just as tall above them and evenly sloped. The dumptrucks have stopped because it’s after 3, but the crane and shovel and the bulldozer and the other bulldozer, the baby one, are running around refining holes and flattening slopes.

The neighbors are meeting tomorrow on the front porch. The nice gay guy doesn’t like that they’ve only got a day to get plans drawn by whom for the dirt in their backs.

They struck water in the vault, a level surface carved out of the lot, with a pit dug into that. The water pooled in one place, bubbling up with crusty foam. The deep place it’s flowing, cool. I enlarged the hole. Got a whiff of sewage but is clear. Underground stream in clay pipe. Foreman is getting engineers out tomorrow. Won’t delay but that corner because there’s so much else to do.

The dumptrucks are now coming in at the blvd end of the alley, and you can’t get out the side st end because they’re filling in the alley ramp.

The spider shovel builds its own pile of dirt to sit on top of and do its thing.

10 pm. We hear an engine down the back. I think it’s the dumpster people, but it doesn’t quit, so we go to the window to find a big hauler unloading a massive piece of equipment. We hear chains, then the cab drives forward as if he’s trying to get out at the side street end of the alley. Then a guy walks back to the machine and gets in. it’s three stories even folded up for shipping. He drives it off the trailer. It looks like a moon lander. Slowly it crawls across the floor of the excavation. He parks it on the far side, then they back the cab up and reattach it to the trailer, and they back out of the alley and back onto main street.

they’re tearing up busy street, they were working on main street toward the lofts and traffic was backed all up all day. Had to go thru the krog st bridge to get anywhere fast.



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