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Construction Thursday 6/22 July 24, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

Meeting today with the neighbors, who will all blame us, let’s see. Didn’t happen.

Can’t see the big huge thing, they’ve moved it. Engineers are out looking at the water. The bulldozer is filling dump trucks. Today they’re coming down the ramp and lining up, then backing in around the hole, which is now larger in extent, and getting loaded, then going out the main street side.

husband saw them taking the big thing out of here in two trailers. Could they have dropped it by too early?

Nope, it’s still here. They dug, and fucked around in the hole, and filled dumptrucks and played tag. There are now bunches of orange earth movers in this place. And after 3 everybody went home, i mean foreman, and then these guys showed upwith more heavy equipment. I was taking kid to health food store and we saw one on main street with his signal on, in the right lane to take a wide turn into the alley, carrying a big screw. Maybe that’s the thing they took away yesterday, because we saw it then we didn’t. while the drill thing didn’t go away when i didn’t see it. It’s aimed down into the watery pit, which has water over half of it now.

They brought the core, and they brought a terex to lift the heavy drill bits or something for the drill thing, and they rolled the terex off the trailer and they’re only now painstakingly getting the terex around to pick the screw off the trailer, and then the red semi and the white semi will be out of here with their trailers. In the meantime another truck has come in with a big bulldozer fork and two railroad containers with tools in them.

I watched the driver of the white truck, that brought the terex, move a bulldozer it seemed like aimlessly, as if waiting for something, or someone to get back to him. Then he moved that out of the way, and then he got in the terex and moved that out of the way, and the red truck backed up and then went forward, further into the site, and then went around the north end of the hole, so i guess the backing up was so it could get around teh spider shovel which is at the east end of the hole. The new semi with the fork and boxes is yellow, lemon as opposed to caution yellow. I guess he’s waiting for the red truck to get out of the way. Nope. He waited halfway down the hill, where the leaking stream has made the piled up dirt ramp soggy, and trucks going by all day, it’s pitted and rutted and very wet looking.

The yellow truck followed a big forklift down to the old part of the alley at the edge of the site. Eventually there was space to roll it in, and the big terex unloaded the containers. Now there’s another truck going in there, a pickup with an articulated trailer that rides up over the car to a hitch in the middle of the bed. It’s got blue and orange what looks like electrical boxes. Generators and gas tanks.

I’m going out to catalog the equipment so i can remember. i’ll get pictures, too.

Maybe no meeting. It’s after 6 and the gay guy never called.

The terex, a small cat bulldozer, stuff i took pictures of. it’s all there, even the numbers.

The dug out place is much bigger. There were souvenir hunters with metal detectors digging away at the rubble. One of them suggested the other’s hands might fall off because of the crap, all bubbled and burnt and corroded. Car batteries. The rubble part must have been from when it was a gas station. What kind of crap is dumped in the back of a gas station? Did they toss shit in the gully and then cover over it when they made it into a uniform warehouse?

They’d uncovered the stream, traced it to where it left the excavation hole and left the middle covered. Big ceramic pipe, broken where the equipment hit it. The dirt ramp down into the property is soggy and muddy, as if they broke the pipe when digging around my trees, and then pushed dirt over it and the water’s been seeping upwards since.



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