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More excuses July 24, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, construction news, Creative Writing, original fiction.

it’s too hot to write. i’m not sleeping or eating, and can’t concentrate on anything. i’ve been spending my days napping, reading, researching, doing jigsaw puzzles. anything but working on my story.

and why is that? partly, it’s the pressure of writing in public. but, of course, nobody’s reading this, so that’s an imaginary pressure. partly because so much shit is going on in my life right now that i don’t have time. but mainly because its so damn hot.

at the beginning of this story, everything happens so slowly because i’ve got to set up all the characters and the action, introduce everything, make people out of sketched figures.

and, really, i don’t actually know where all this is going, and in the early stages of writing, that means floundering. basically, i’m stuck in the middle of chapter two, fleshing out maggie the hippie’s extended family. and i don’t know how much to tell now and how much to leave until later.

so, excuse me while i flounder, but i am actually almost thru with chapter two, and intend to post it any old time now.

in the meantime, i’m researching velha’s growing obsession with earth energies, ley lines, and crop circles. and that’s cool. may be boring to you, but it’s fascinating to me. i’ll post links to the research soon.



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