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Construction Friday 6/23 July 26, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

They’re digging out the rest of the stream. They still haven’t replaned the ramp. Guys are mostly standing around. The new contractors are in yellow tshirts.

Foreman wears bright tshirts, so that if anyone hits him it’s going to be on purpose.

They’ve just offloaded a dumpster.

Now a yellow shirted guy is attaching a shipping container full of tools to the terex crane and they’re moving the box. It’s starting to swing. They just are leaving it right in the middle of the clear area. I guess they can just pick up and move shit all they want, and it’s not any more work than rearranging wooden blocks on the floor. Well, I guess no they’re not leaving it there. They’ve picked it up and are moving it down the far end of the cleared area that ‘s not the hole. Now they’re putting it down again. Now the guys are on top of the other box and the hook is swinging back to them. and they’re moving it.

The dumpster driver is waiting while the spider (shovel) fills it with a pile of concrete they stashed against the east side of the site.

Slowly walking the container west. They’re both now right up against the pile of dirt next to the big hole. Is there any room to get around them? Are they going to leave them there?

That compressor and ramming sound is from a couple of mexicans putting in fence posts and unrolling chicken wire. Ran the line right down the silt fence line.

Now how’ s the tenant going to get his car out? Turns out they’re leaving room.

The bulldozer guy got in his thing after lunch and tested his bucket by repeatedly clanking it for two minutes.

Now he’s out in the street, and I can see white blinking lights across the street, so I woner what he’s going to be transporting onto the site.



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