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About chapter two July 29, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Blog project, construction news, Creative Writing.

so i finally finished chapter two. it took weeks. there were whole days at a time when i didn’t work at it at all, and only put up daily posts of construction news as a sop to my rising guilt.

and hen near the end, the file corrupted and i thought i’d lost it and would have to start over. but i felt pushed rather than discouraged. so i went into the bowels of my computer and dug out an earlier version, and sat right down and fixed it and posted it.

so there it is in all its awkwardness. but that’s why they call them drafts. the important thing, i’m remembering now, is to get it down. you refine it later.

i remember writing splat, how i had a picture in my mind of how the chapter was supposed to go, and not just the chapter, but all the little bits and pieces. but as i was writing it, i always found that the things i wanted to say didn’t come across. my fingers would settle for something less complicated than what was running thru my head. a translation problem. but the important thing was to get the chapter down, and when i went back to edit it it and maybe make it closer to what it had been in my head, i usually found that the writing was fine, and didn’t need anything. it said what i wanted said in a different way. like when i set out to make a painting.

maybe that’s just me being in love with my own writing. but that’s not it at all. most of the time i’m staring out the window as i write, thinking other thoughts, and the words pour thru my fingers with minimal input from me. i can bear to appreciate the results because i put the writing on the fairies. they did it. or my ex dad, who was a closet novelist. maybe i’m channeling him. it’s not me writing this stuff. (see disclaimer)

i haven’t read both chapters one and two together yet, to see how it flows, to see whether i’m already repeating myself. but that’s part of the editing process, and for now i feel i should be moving on. i’m more interested in what’s going to happen next, and how i’m going to get to the end from here, than in what has already been written down.



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