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Chapter alert August 7, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Blog project, construction news, Creative Writing, original fiction.

here’s news. i’m about to post my third chapter. i haven’t yet reread chapters one and two, and i’m doing that deliberately because i don’t want to impede the development. since a story is only a poorly told description of some other reality, i find that if i can let it tell itself, it’s more coherent. if i’m always jumping in with suggestions, then i’m forcing it, and it won’t stay true to the end. and that’s important. nothing worse than being hip deep in a story when you realize the ending you thought you were proceeding toward is no longer possible, and an entirely different thing had to happen. that happened in Splat.

i put it all on the fairies.

so i’ve finished chapter 3, and it turns out to be long, so i’ve split it. i’m going to let my husband have a look and make any suggestions, and then i’ll post both of them in quick succession.

in letting the fairies write this story, i have stumbled across an amusing naming convention. (repo man) it took until chapter three before i knew my characters and places well enough to know what their names had to be. it’s vital to have a good name. a descriptive name, one that reveals character. like the way all susans are perfectionists. and all daves are born salesmen. and all cindys are creative, no matter how they spell their names.

by the time i’m finished with another chapter or two, it’ll be time to go back over all of them and make them a coherent whole. everything has to be solid in order to build the kind of twisted story i’m trying to tell. characters have to be clearly drawn, and objects have to be useable later to make my point. or not. right now i’m just getting it all down and not worrying too much what i’m saying or whether i’m repeating myself. which i’m sure i am, sorry. i must remember to tell you about my strange brain condition. i think i have alzheimer’s. or maybe my brain’s finally giving out from the stressors of my hippie days.



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