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Construction Thursday 6/29 August 7, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

Two bulldozers now, putting gravel on ahr lake. Empty dumpster truck trying to back up ramp. The same bambambam noise, and he can’t get up no matter how fast he backs up. a dumptruck edged past him and sped on out of there. There’s a lady sitting at the gate on a chair with table and thermos, watching. Must be a wife, stranded here until the workday is over? More gravel on the far side of the hole, a small mountain. Surveyors out mapping the stream for further digging and piping. They’ve unmired the terex and red crane. The bulldozzer goes back and forth raking the dirt. Buldozer piles it high between truckloads. Pile is getting nice and big now. Wonder why it took them this long to get around to this? They were hoping for a dry summer maybe? The recent storm left 9″ on dc and caused states of emergencies in all the new england states including new york and penna. Most rain on dc ever. Kim stanley robinson’s 40 signs of rain. Every now and then bulldozer has to scrape the mud on the ramp flat again, then more dumptrucks come churn it up.

The bulldozers are spreading gravel on the surface, the drill is boring holes over on the northwest corner, there’s a guy now sitting beyond the fence. There’s a break in dumptrucks, or maybe it’s getting close to quitting. The green generator starts up and floods the house with deisel fumes and carbon monoxide. Jets of white smoke for several minutes, then just fumes. Excavator is in the shade unmoving, its elbow right next to the tree.



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