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Construction Wednesday 7/5 August 26, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

Bulldozer an gravel, dumptruck and gravel, the first couple of hours spent smoothing down the ramp and adding gravel after it rained. All the little subs were out there in orange t-shirts. I made sure to ask if the company gave them away and didn’t take them out of their checks. There are lots of green and orange flags down on the flat of the northwest section, tho the bulldozer must have gone over them already spreading gravel. Another bulldozer with a side-tilting bucket pouring gravel down into bored holes. Both borer and drill are working. What are they? Something hayward baker construction or something, keller.
It’s vibro piers they’re putting in. See
Mexican guys here checking up on the fence next door, now carting rolls of fencing down to finish the job.
The house shakes. Like an earthquake. I’m not sure why i can feel it now and i couldn’t before, but there’s a deep thrumming, like when i rest my foot on the computer table, only the whole house shakes. Like the footsteps of some giant.
Perhaps the pilings are the construction crew’s way of giving the earth a good fucking before building something on her.
They’re boring something like 30 feet. The bulldozer stayed until almost dark, the shaking went on. Unbearable when even noticeable.



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