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Construction Week 8, Monday 7/10 September 10, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 Full moon. Saw foreman this morning on our dog walk. Talked to him for 20 minutes while watching the loader grading the flat places. They’re done with the piers, now he’s expecting the concrete trucks and the guys to do the pipes.

The surveying for the piers cost them 10k. The portojohn costs 79/mo, the tank under the trailer costs 149/mo, i think he said. he’s weeks behind schedule, this is the job from hell. The architects keep changing their minds about the building structure, where to put the corners, which way to orient the catchment vault. He’s ready to pour and changes keep coming down. The project manager keeps dealing directly with the subs, who come to Forman and tell him what his boss said. He keeps having to assert authority. There’s going to be a pissing contest when things get beyond being trivial. They keep complaining about little stuff, like the cost of the portojohn, while wasting money on bigger things. They’ve still got to get in pipers to take care of the stream. He’s going to tap into it at the level of cyde street and pipe it down to maine that way. I asked if he’d come up with a solution to our drainage problem, and he hesitated, and then said no.

We were discussing construction accidents. I assured him that putting them into my story would keep them from occurring on site. Someone was electrocuted just recently near Roswell, where he lives. A boom pump was pouring concrete, and hit wires, and the discharge went thru the poured concrete and into the ground, and the guy was standing on the concrete. Story was in ajc, 6/8/6, not in archives.

They’re going to put wooden fence up on bissey street with advertising. Going to cost $25k?, some outrageous amount. Project is budgetted at $13 million

Two big flatbeds pulled up an hour ago on side street. I just heard one backing up, while the other pulled away, carrying all three generators and gass tanks, including the big green one and the deisel tank. Now the other one is going to load up something.

Three trucks. One held a bulldozer, the other the terex. The containers have been gone. Grading the rest of the day, rained about 3. Water collecting in vault again.



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