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Construction Wednesday 7/12 September 14, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

Wednesday 6/7 Drip combed the earth flat. The cement trucks were supposed to be here Monday, he’s just filling in the time being useful. Nobody else is there. A new crane and shovel on treads is out there now, a flabed came and unloaded it and a blue half shipping container, which is sitting right in the middle of the ramp. I guess the yellow vehicle will pick it up and carry it tomorrow when its driver gets here. Or something.

The vibro piers are set, which means just a bunch of columns drilled into the earth and filled with gravel. Nothing to support the gravel except the sides of the hole. So how does that make it stronger? It allows more ground movement. It’s to stabalize soils. Why does this soil need stabilization? Drip is going around scraping up bits of packed gravel every time he planes a surface. There’s a mound built up in the middle of the remaining site where there wasn’t before, and all the dirt shaved from somewhere almost covers the view of the walls at one point. When i’m in here late at night with the light on, anyone could see me, but it’s a thousand feet thru trees on one side and no visibility from cyde street).



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