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Release the chapter within September 15, 2006

Posted by jeanne in Author's Note, Blog project, construction news, Creative Writing, Editing, original fiction, Plotting.

i’ve been working on chapter four for absolute years. first i had to go and rework the plot structure, cutting the number of chapters in half. unfortunately, this just resulted in bigger chapters. like self- medicating with bigger puffs from those awful slim cigarettes.

i went my usual course, which is to dilly around writing snippets and scenelets at will. i eventually got to the end of that, and went back to find i had no concept of the flow of the text. it was random.
i wrote the vibro crane stuff twice. once lots better than the other. the writing took weeks. some days i was overwhelmed. onwe whole week i had other commitmemts. it took forever.

when i got done, i took the mess and printed it out, labelled each paragraph or two, then turned over the top sheet of paper and listed the labels in three colums that completely filled the paper, in a small, determined little hand. then i got out the colored pencils. then i drew lines and arrows. then i scratched out and rewote stuff somewhere else. and thought, and saw no way to eliminate. when i was done i wrote it all back out in its new order, on another page, and this time it took up half the page, but only because i was writing letters too small to see with these old eyes.

so i have a rearranged chapter four, and now i can go back and hopefully cut a lot of it, tho i don’t hold out much hope. it’ll be another while before it’s ready to publish on the blog, but until then i’ll keep putting up construction updates



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