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Construction Wednesday 7/19 September 27, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 Ralph reed lost. Yay. They’re out there still cutting square holes in the vault, maybe 8′ on a side. they’re cutting and welding rebar waffles to go in the forms they’re building. The beginning of piers, i suppose. Droop’s gone, there are two small bucket diggers. White guys and Mexicans. No blacks. Same with the street out front.

The street – they’ve dug up a spot 2 houses down, in the middle of the block instead of starting at maine and coming west. There was a manhole, but it was beneath the curb line, and had been hidden since they covered over the cobbled stones with macadam. How strange. They left the bulldozer parked on the street last night.

Temperatures in the upper 90s every day. Not sleeping much at all. very lethargic during the day. Slept until 11 today.

Forman is out on a makeshift drafting table, bent over charts, in the shade of my tree. Dumptrucks are coming down the ramp unloading more gravel at the far side of the site.



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