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Construction Saturday 7/22 October 2, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 The boom pump is here, Forman brought his 11-year old. A bunch of mexicans pouring concrete, then smoothing it out. He said the large holes were for the corner and the back wall-bearing columns. The other holes were for columns, but they weren’t as crucial. They’re pouring part of the slab at the same time, but not all. they’ve got to move the vault 2′ more to the south, but the columns are sited right. Of the 7 cement trucks he ordered, only 2 showed up, and they were 2 hours late, and when they showed up, the cement was too hard to pour. He put 60 gallons of water in one, and it made no difference. He sent them back. Cursing.

There was a fire in the back yard of the renovated house down cyde street. We were walking the dog, after having said goodnight to johnny in his red truck, who was complaining that with Thing Two in rehab we didn’t have to worry about the house burning down. And then we pass the house and see an unattended fire in the back yard. I got so angry, and grabbed a hose and put it out. It was beginning to spread, and the wind was putting embers very near the pile of wooden planks. He was unrepentant the next day, and seemed to think i was being silly for reacting like that. But husband went to the fire department to check it out, and it’s illegal as hell.

No rain, but cool all day. I got in and left my mark three times in the cement. Most of it was hard. Someone got in there before me, j.c. 2006, left deep in very sloppy cement. My marks were just scratches. It sure did set up fast. The surface was still warm.



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