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Construction Week 10, Monday 7/24 October 3, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 They’re carving up the street directly in front of the house. Big granite paving stones are coming up. I asked the guy when he came to ask us to move the car from the curb, and he said they’re saving them for the city. I asked for some, a few dozen, and he said he’d give them to us tomorrow, which would be cool.

Cloud cover. No rain as yet, and no rain this weekend, even tho thunderstorms came up every afternoon and then missed us. At least it’s not hot this morning.

Out back, they inspected the cement and now it sounds like they’re building more forms.

The guy in the bulldozer/backhoe in the vault is very slap-happy. He rolls and jerks the machine at great speed considering the narrow confines of the space between the slabs. Like the guy out front, who whangs the crane and shovel around, and backs up and swivels his treads (it’s another spider) as if the street were empty. Leaving great gouges in the tarmacadam.

Some stupid lady ignored the road closed sign and parked right out front of the house. I had to go out and tell her to back up. She was right next to the crane and shovel and figured she’d just go and eat at the diner down the street. Totally stupid. I’d have hit her if I were in the crane.

Maybe it’ll rain. There’s red and yellow on the radar to the southwest of us, coming this way. Hopefully the microclimate will not evaporate the clouds as they cross the perimeter again.



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