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Author’s note October 14, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news.

the delay in getting chapter four finished and put up on the blog has had one fortunate consequence – i now have enough actual construction progress to fit, and don’t have to make anything up. i don’t really like making things up, because i could never grasp the subtleties of what goes on without being there, and that would be a disservice to my subject.

i’ve got houseguests at the moment. so i had to take the computer out of the spare bedroom and install it in the back gallery. and when i plugged everything back together again in the new configuration, i could no longer reach the internet. that explains the first week of inactiity on the blog. i finally did figure out which cables i had to reverse, and got online. however.

i have 2 computers. the standard windows box that my ex set me up with when i moved here, and the new linux box that he insisted on when the windows box got a virus or two and he got tired of having to fix it.

so, the cable is hooked to the windows box, and the linux box is connected with a hub, and for some reason they’re not talking. and i do need my ex to fix that.

so. since i can’t transfer data from one computer to the other, i can’t post any more construction news until this is fixed.

it’s amusing how worried i was about going to having to gloss over the fascinating process of commercial construction, and how it just kept piling up day after day anyway. if i hadn’t taken so long working up chapter four, which is currently running at 48 pages, i might have run out of material and have to guess. i’m a poor guesser. truth is so much stranger than fiction.

i’m going to try to post a picture with some of the construction news items. if it works well, i’ll go back and illustrate various daily reports.



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