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Construction Saturday 7/29 October 29, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 Forman was here for some of the morning. I didn’t get up until 10 with a headache because of the wine I anesthetized myself with last night when marie and tenant came over. it was fun, but I kept having to smile and be interested and find things to say. it was just slightly awkward, but they stayed until almost midnight anyway. Bison spaghetti, corn, bread, salad. Ice cream fruit and baileys for desert thanks tenant. I snubbed marie too I’m sure when I wouldn’t have any of her wine. I just didn’t take any, and continued with the red I was drinking, and only when she got up to leave and I made her take the bottle with her did I tell her that I didn’t drink white. Gives me a headache. I woke up with a headache anyway, because of three or four cups of wine. A chemical residue in your head and joints. A lethargy of muscle. The heat not so bad today because of pretty constant cloud cover. It’s raining all around us from a front to the nw, but it evaporates over northwest georgia and all we get is a cool breeze. That’s enough, but I may have to go water illegally again tonight. the azaleas sister gave me for my birthday have turned brown and shrivelled, so I’ve got to call proflowers soon.

These 2 guys came sauntering onto the proptery and disappeared at the back, then came walking back up to the ir truck, and back down I guess with tools because I didn’t see them go back, but I saw them coming back up the ramp with two big old pipes on their shoulders. I hurried outside in case they were stealing stuff off the jobsite, and got their license tag, and saw that it was a repair truck, and the guy had one of the pipes, old and nasty, and was taping the end of it, which was fucked up and broken. He said hey, I said hey, then wrote as I walked. They left soon after, when i was coming through the alley. Probably it was one of the form-bearing trucks that broke and axle yesterday and that would be why the trucks are still here over the weekend with half a load each.



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