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Construction Friday 8/4 November 13, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 They’ve been pouring cement all day into the walls of the vault. Constant engine noise, but when cement truck comes up and starts pumping out, everything gets high pitched and breathy. Big white noise generator.

They’ve moved off down to the next block out front, tho they still have the first half of the street towards Maine to do. will they work their way around the blocks and come back? Do a neighborhood at a time and then hook it all up to the mains?

Spent 2 hours out running around getting things, then another couple of hours framing a picture for sharon. Bothersome. It’s 4:30 and i’m just getting down to work.

Cement truck is empty and rolls away right after the sound of a hose cleaning off the boom pump. I wonder if it got around the back to do the far side yet? It’s up on the street right now.

The blue boom pump just pulled out of the drive and roared off toward the highway. it’s 5. the bulldozer came up the ramp to smooth everything back out, whether from spilled concrete or gouges. The men are still in the trench working the concrete. Can’t wait to get down there myself.

There’s a cement truck that’s just arrived, after the boom is gone. Is that a wasted load of cement? Foreman’s truck is still there, can’t go there yet. No that’s not what’s going on. A cement truck just came up the ramp from the back, they must be putting cement into the trenches. The other one’s waiting up on the street. The one that’s empty has his ramps out and will pull in to the side to wash them. the other one hasn’t gone down into the back yet but is still on the street rolling his load. He’s just gone down. Rolling the load makes a lot of noise as gravel hits the sides.



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