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Construction Week 12, Monday 8/7 November 15, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 They break off and load the rest of the forms and drive the trucks off. We speculate on why they would do that, whether it was their whole inventory, whether they just did one job at a time and all drove in in one van. We talked about how mexicans do things tribally where americans each need their own car, house.

A little bitty white bulldozer went in between the new cement walls and the hole, scraping it flat. He put the dirt up top and the the big bulldozer took the dirt away to the back.

There’s a new crew manning the equipment out front. Same two excavators and a bulldozer, who is running lengths of pipe back and forth to the circle on other Street.

Thing One is trying to sell the bricks of the industrial parts of the neighborhood. He wants 50 cents a brick, the guy wants to pay him 20. one says 35 for the first 100 and 20 for the rest. Husband says 20% delivery charge on top of that. I get mad and say if they leave the neighborhood i’m reporting it to the police. I don’t like it that he’s using our phone to make these deals. This has to go in before he dies.

Now the little guy is in the ditch again and he’s putting his load of dirt into the big bulldozer’s maw directly. How bizzare. Or else he was passing the dude and his big claw caught on the guy’s little claw. The big bulldozer is having to go up and back the length of the ramp because of trucks parked down the side. the little bulldozer was up on the surface, going aroud back, and the big one followed him. What’s the little one doing on the top and the bottom layers. They’re both scooping out dirt and carrying it to the nw corner. the little guy’s going down a ramp cut in to the ditch around the wall. The vault wall has a fan looking thing at the east end. Maybe 3′ or 4.

They just put the sloping roof on the husking boards last week, lining Bissey St. We noticed it one day, then saw a bunch of 6d nails lying on the sidewalk waiting to be washed into the road. a few weeks ago we saw a box of nails, already sodden from the rain. We briefly wondered if we should lift it, or should we consider it private property.



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