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Construction Tuesday 8/8 November 20, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

They’re still planing the ground, there’s a big lawn roller with bumps also down in there, packing the dirt. But now the bulldozer is adding dirt into the pit instead of taking it out.

Out front in the street the big bulldozer is taking pipe into the circle and bringing gray gravel dust from someplace on the other side of ahr perhaps. The road between cyde and cherokee probably is closed.

It rained briefly, we went for a dog walk to cool down. It was unpleasantly warm this morning, but i went back to sleep anyhow to get another dream.

Guy came by early to get husband to sign the final paper saying we’ll hold them blameless. Said he’d be back before lunch. We were talking about him over dinner when he rang the bell. He had several maps, showing the proposed improvements, subject to city of atlanta permits, showing the plan of the curb cuts. The letter he signed also, and 2 checks. I grabbed the maps and left him with the unimportant things like money. We congratulated Guy on such a coup. He got an extra 2k for the trees and permits, and they’re going to install a ditch at their expense.

The power went out around 11 so they could change out the transformer. They’d come around days before telling us they were going to cut the power, but then the crews in the street came by and they went away instead. I went out front to see the GA power truck. I went up to the guy. Did you notify people? We knocked on a couple of doors. The dog would have barked. I went in and unplugged and got into bed with a book and cooling coffee.



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