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Construction Wednesday 8/9 November 21, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

Out front they’re only a quarter the way up the next block. They’ve come back to the intersection and they’re digging it up again. There are 2 big spider crane and shovels, 2 big bulldozers, and a small trench digger with a small claw. Bunches of dumptrucks waiting in the street.

Out back they’ve got the remote control vibrator that they had out front running in the trench, along with the big lawn roller with studs, and the bulldozder is still bringing dirt.

86 at 10 am. Too hot to sleep last night. but i got a cloth full of water and just kept wiping down.

Thing one used to live in the house thing two is working on. When he was making lots of money, he would buy powdered coke and hide it in various places around the house. He noticed some of them missing, but figured he had forgotten. Then one morning he awoke to find 5 laid out like a hand of cards. He asked husband, who told him about the other spirit hauntings around this area, like the missing puzzle piece, which turned up where that lady collapsed and died.

They’re cutting the trees down in guy’s yard. they’ve taken down the fence to maggie’s yard, and i guess some of the trees are going to come down, but it looks like a friend of guy’s took down all the little stuff lining his yard.




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