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Construction Thursday 8/10 November 23, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

Still no rain. Rain all around us, but nothing here. Last night incredible lightning just south of here. Today it’s built up again and it’s still going west of us. Last night it went east of us. Upper 90s and no rain all week.
They’re packing dirt against the sides of the vault, guys with shovels when they get in between the columns on the other side. the remote vibro thing works in tandem with the roller tractor with studs.
It looks like blue sky out to the north at the moment. Except in 98 degree heat blue is actually milky white, and anything that looks like blue is really purple. It washes right out in the heat.
The little white bulldozer still scampering about. Now the crane and shovel is digging a trench along the edge of the ramp.
Bean counter came by with a replacement check after husband called to report the second wasn’t signed. He went on. The architects. Same method as airport terminal. Architets sign off on plans that have to go into place tomorrow. Design build. One thing delayed bogs up the whole thing, even unrelated processes. Architects have come up with very modern facade. Was going to be trad 19th C city block. Can they do that in an historical area? I called some guy and asked. w/out the corridor plan approved, they can do what they like.
They’re going to put the first level in as soon as it’s graded. It’s going to go from the alley to the street. That’s the first level of parking. Then a second level of parking touching the edges of the building. It’s going to be big sheets of hollow-core cement, very light, and you can use it as conduit too. One floor on top of another, the first two levels are deck, but the floors are all going on at one time not just deck first and building after. It’s modular.
They’re so tight in the budget that this is the crucial month. After the stuff is poured and the alley built everything’ll be good.
Ramp. If they can rush thru permits this week, they’ll have the alley built by this time next month. If not it’ll be december. We discussed sharing a curb cut with the folks on the corner and angling in our driveway to make it less steep. It’s 5′ between the ramp and our ground at the place they want to put the curb cut and ramp. 4′ at the corner of our yard. it’s a 3′ ramp into the next door people’s yard, and a ramp descending from there to our yard would have longer to make the change. I couldn’t really map it, but we got pictures. Proposed this by email to the owner.



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