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Construction Thursday 8/17 December 5, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 Knocking down forms all day, loading them up into the trucks again. husband saw the boom pump leaving, on his second dog walk. at some point they stretched orange hurricane fencing up around the vault. perhaps because the dirt is almost to that level now and they want to keep people from falling in. at some point there were cement trucks coming in, and they poured straight from the back of the truck. that would be the trench along the ramp on the bissey street side.

recuperation from mom day. spent most of it sleeping. we had sex to the sound of hammering out back.

the road people were digging up the intersection of ahr street and maine last night. traffic was single file and the cat excavator was in the intersection cutting a big trench, looked to be 6′ wide. spoke to the traffic control guy for a few minutes. the small pipes they’re putting in are for sewage. the existing pipes are for runoff.

telling thing 1 off about stealing bricks in the neighborhood. suggested he scrape of the dirt and leave the bricks as a service to the community, he claims he’s improving the community by digging them up and putting them somewhere else, claims he’s not getting paid for the bricks, only the labor (more fool he). told him it was illegal, he refuses to admit it’s wrong. threatened him with judgment, with judge. his remark is that he didn’t know i felt so strongly, i told him he was damaging my neighborhood and go somewhere else to steal bricks. remarks to husband, i didn’t know she was such a witch. well, she is, but it doesn’t take a witch to see his game.



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