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Construction Saturday 8/19 December 7, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 they worked half a day, stamping down the dirt in the middle, pouring some cement somewhere over on the far side. when we walk around cyde street we can hardly see over the wall now. it’s at street level, and the floor of the commercial level will be right there, too. they’re building cages of rebar, walls of rebar, ghostly columns like when a house is being framed and you can walk thru the studs and yet see how it’s going to be when the sheetrock is up. i love that point, wandering thru an almost house, daydreaming, fantacizing. this is my room. i’ll paint it green. don’t know if forman was here, but whoever it was left the container door unguarded. got thru to the office phone to warn them so nothing would be stolen (again), a girl on the answering machine.

it’s been cloudy and cool, in the lower 90s, for about a week. 87. so pleasant when the sun isn’t shining. no rain, tho. we’re in a high, instead of being in the perpetual stationary front we’ve been in for a few weeks now. no hurricanes. they revised the numbers down a couple of weeks ago. very sad.



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