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Construction Week 14, Monday 8/20 December 8, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 up late last night reworking plot. slept until 10, then had sex. now that it’s cooler we’re having lots of sex. bright sun, but feels cool. showers building to the north, usual no-rain hole around atlanta extends thru north georgia.

the little bulldozer is taking loads of dirt along the cyde side, and the bigger bulldozer is bringing dirt from where they dug the trench next to the ramp for the back end of the parking deck. when that’s gone, they start on the pile in the middle. lots of fast maneuvering, over the shoulder driving, beep beep beep. mexicans building rebar cages.

working close by out front, at least i can hear them. dumptrucks lined up to our house waiting for dirt from the dig at maine. out back they went home on the early side, i was too tired to see what they’d done.

huge big storm at midnight. saw red thru closed eyelids on the one that almost hit the house. got up and closed down computers. lots of lightning, thunder that kept rolling, is that what a tornado sounds like?

up late, it’s a rainy night in georgia, this part of georgia, the metro atlanta area, with a storm that just keeps on forming, staying on top of us. it feels like it’s raining all over the world. steady rain for 2 hours now. delightful. only half expected, with storms popping up from the same old stationary low and blowing down from the mountains, another tier near the coast, fanning out southeastward.



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