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Construction Tuesday 8/21 December 14, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 a big flatbed came in first thing this morning, in the dark, to unload more rebar.

it rained for 4 hours last night. i pulled weeds this afternoon and the water squished dirt up my arm. there’s no black vapor barrier going up next to the vault. perhaps they’ll get it once they’ve built up the vault. soon we won’t be able to see inside the building. the dirt corner is still falling in slowly. there was a big and small bulldozer over there most of the day digging. that’s where the spring is, the weight of the dozer will further crack the pipe. of course, i don’t see any more water coming out of it since that big rain a few weeks ago. this big rain last night filled the holes they’ve been digging for apparently columns on the bissey street side. square pools of brown water with rebar sticking up. those fluorescent squares on the ends of the rebar are impale-protectors. osha. safety first. like a bunch of mortarboards. they keep having to dig out the trench by the ramp. dirt keeps collapsing onto the footings. cages going up on 3 sides now. only the east side isn’t getting forms put up on it. the big form carrying trucks are parked on site again, just like last time.

did it rain today? it thought about it. no, in fact it did rain, while husband’s son was here getting firewood from the limb that dropped last week. did i write that down? dave, ropes, tenant useless on a ladder or roof, the sound of breaking glass. mom. must have been last tuesday.



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