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Construction Wednesday 8/22 December 15, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 guy is cutting up and chiping his tree. by far the most noise we’ve heard for some time. very loud.

they’ve got rebar all along the east side now, in a wide floor grid, different from what they’re doing on all the other sides. they always have laid a trench first, but they were narrow around the west and north. 20′ or so.

for the first time i’m seeing guys climbing up on the forms and hoisting 2×3 over their shoulders and marching down the length of the wall. their hats just come to above the signboards. there’s one place only where i can see the wall of the cemetery, at a different angle from the boards and the forms.

like a mating ritual. the big red dumptruck backs up slowly beeping, its belly full of gravel. the tiny bulldozer is behind him, and shakes his claw rapidly 20 times. then the truck unloads, moving forward slightly to relieve himself of all that rock, and then lowers the dump and begins to leave. the little dozer follows scraping the ground behind him. they’re bringing gravel for the rebar floor now. it’s pitiful watching him shake his bucket every time he scrapes a load of dirt. the treads are like rubber bands, vibrating as he moves back and forth.

the second truck, blue, had to back down the ramp. i wonder about the first.

guy’s chipper runs by itself. gas powered, it shakes the house when it’s idle. it’s doin morse code as it eats branches. he can leave it full and it’ll grab the branches and pull them into its mouth. fargo, red.



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