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Construction Thursday 8/23 December 18, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 the guys out front, we were passing with the dog after photographing the site on the morning walk, and saw the foreman of the road crew putting a red mountain bike up on his white truck’s rack. i said nice bike can i have it and he said he’d just bought it for $5. he said he’d just bought it. that guy with the grocery cart, and he pointed up the street. we chased him down, standing in front of our house taking to thing one. he moved off before we got there, but i let go on thing one about his friend stealing bicycles and i was calling the cops. as much for his benefit. not that he listened. the cop came after several hours, and we told him a homeless guy had stolen a bike in the neighborhood and sold it to one of the road crew and it pissed me off. such a minor thing. such agony over whether i’d gotten the road worker in trouble.

it’s 10, and they’re folding up the boom pump out back. the little dozer has been spreading gravel on the paths because it was raining lightly when i woke at 9:30. dull, gray day, cool. the chipper is just as loud as ever; that’s why i’m awake now.

thing 1 has been leaving metal fence posts, the green kind with the holes in them, around the house, and he left a half brick near the fridge. these are weapons he carries with him.

they’re pouring the wall on bissey. they are still workin on the floor to the east. the chipper has a 5′ high mound of cream colored ex trees. they were out there on a ladder the other day, getting all the branches off a double twined tree, then felling the trunk. saw forman out there amid 20-30 construction guys, mostly mexicans. he waved. i took pictures. one of the cement trucks came in thru the alley, guy had to move his chipper, which was sitting in the middle.

the chipper runs all day. they were cutting one on the border of the nextors house, guy was up on a ladder against the damn thing. and it split early and fell over at 10′, hitting the nextor’s stairs. then he overreached with the chainsaw and cut thru the tag holding it on.

three cement trucks lined up like pigs to a trough only backwards, all feeding into the flat place at the east. then they all split, at the same time, so they must have been pouring together. now there’s another one pulling in. and another.

it didn’t rain, even tho i unplugged the computer. it’s been dull and misty and cool all day long. the mosquitos are thick. there have been cement trucks coming by all day long. i think it’s just the stuff on the east side, but it could be more. there were an awful lot of cement trucks. the little bulldozer has been sprinkling gravel, paring the surface, scurrying around getting rid of the last of the dirt piled up hin the middle. there’s just gravel piled there now. it’s 5:30 and they’re starting to close up shop, sort of. last night they were here until almost dark. but then if they were preparing for the pour they would be.



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