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Construction Friday 8/25 December 19, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

the mexicans whistle all day long because they’re using it to communicate. they’ sound like snatches of tune but they’re really the words whistled instead of mouthed. they repeat it if it’s important. others ask short questions.

they’re knocking down and stacking forms all morning. the bulldozer is out there helping the lads move a dumpster/container. the little dozeret ran around the back of the big bulldozer and positioned himself perpendicular to his claw. he hooks to it, then tightens his slack, which means jerking violently backwards and yanking the thing. pushed at the far end, and the big one dragged it to first one place and then put it back where it had been. maybe they just turned it around. have they nothing better to do? the little one scurries, the big one rolls ponderously, except when he’s speeding and bouncing around on those big mars lander wheels. maye they moved it to just east of where it had been. it’s now at the edge of the far wall, on the edge of the floor pour, maybe it was going along the far wall before. a lot of hassle over very little, as usual with these big tonka toys. it looks like rain, but the stationarey front is south of us now, and a high is developing. but it could fluctuate back up toward us and rain later. it’s certainly gloomy and cool. the fan is almost chilly on my skin.

out front i walked by and approached the guy with the ex bike this morning. we headed that way on purpose to see what they were doing on the other side of arh from maine street. he said i don’t want to talk to you, but i kept talking to him about how i wasn’t trying to get him in trouble and how i sent the cop down to him, which he already knew. he said he’d arranged to donate it to the christmas fund and everything was all right between him and the cop. i told him i wanted the homeless guy out of here, and he said you can’t do that, flatly.

the crew on the other side of maine is just a couple of guys, connecting the pipes after it’s all been laid in and tested by those other guys. they’re ruby collins, our guys are reynolds, it’s a joint venture. we looked into a trench they’d dug, into the new stuff which looked gray and wet, and into the dirt and to the lines. they’d run across a gas line, yellow plastic, and stopped, waitigfor the supervisor.

hurricane. there’s one forming as it passes the leeward islands. only a depression now, declared at last night. heading up the straights of cuba, if that’s what it’s called. so i wondered, looking at the map. the gulf is just a drowned river valley, maybe, and florida is an extension of the appalachians, even tho it goes off at a big angle from it, almost perpendicular. then cuba and the islands are extensions of florida.

then i looked at the bathymetry of the gulf, wondering where the river valley ran down the peninsula. and i was surprsed to see it didn’t run down the isthmus at all, but across. and that the real driving force was the moving in of the undersea to the west, underneath the rockies that run all the way down north and south america. the islands look like a manatee cuba fighting a lobster dinosaur thing caribbean chain, and there’s a rift running southwest/northeast between the eastern end of cuba and the base of the yucatan.

afternoon they’re out cutting up the remaining logs. i think i can hear the chipper purring idle. more like a wonky electrical device, actually.

the guys in back took off around 2, or earlier. after lunch, anyway. sunny and bright. cool in the shade, blistering in the sun.



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