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Construction Week 15, Monday 8/28 December 23, 2006

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 beep beep beep. the bulldozer is digging out little square patches. we saw them marked in red spray paint. all over the floor of the site. there’s more gravel being dumped, and the truck with the forms is here ready to put up the east wall, which is almost done. the bulldozer is dumping dirt at the inside foot of the wall on the north side.

all last week cloudy and cool. still coolish, but it’s heating back up again. ernesto is down to t.s. status. i can’t find any discussion of why we’re having no hurricanes this year. so disappointing.

some of the shirts are here, forman’s standing under the shade of my tree talking to them, clapping one on the back. they stand around looking at the construction with hands on their hips, looking like brothers. they asked for a measure and some guy at the table tossed it, so now they’re measuring something about the cut they made on the other side of the alley.

another truck with rebar. there was another one not many days before.

the bulldozer has made a hill of dirt along the bissey street inside wall, going all the way up to the top. now he’s dumping dirt over the wall at the far east end. the little excavator is digging the squares out of the floor. the little bulldozer is back there smoothing it out.

ran into forman in bright blue while out taking pictures of the new hill. they’re digging the elevator pit, and the column footings, backfilling the wall and putting up forms for a cement pour day after tomorrow. last thursday he put 270 feet of concrete, at $1000/load. the bomo pump costs $175/hr with 1-2 per foot run theru there. they’re 5 months behind. they’ve got to lower the height of the vault walls a foot to two feet because of changes in plans. he doesn’t have working construction drawings because they’re still changing theings. they’re going to lay out 2-3 drains before they put the hollow core slab over the basement floor.

the mexicans are subs for the guy who’s doing this part of the concrete, the walls, the floor, the vault, the columns, the fittings, the alley and aprons. all of those jobs are subbed out. the mexicans are really quite talented in doing all this stuff.

he’s planning to trim my trees back when they bring in the new crane. it’ll extend from the light on bissey most of the way to the corner of ahr, and they’ll asssemble it either on the street or in the alley, and then raise it straight up and walk it into place. it’s 175 feet tall or so, and he’s not sure because they keep changing which crane they’re giving him, wheeled which is longer or treads which can move more easily. he’s going to have to keep a foot or two at the southeast edge free from concrete until the crane is out of there.

when he ges to maine street he’ll have a hugely powerful power line steel encased, the water line, a 5″ bellsouth phone cable to put in a manhole in the middle of maine. he’s got to put a fire hydrant somewhere on ahr, he’s not sure. yes, the spring has been eroding the southwest side but not to worry. it comes out and sluices down the pour on the side of the alley cut and he runs it all ito the glass company instead. cost him 1500 in cleanup last time. the guy who owns the house that floods next to his trailer isn’t happy but is being good about it. i asked whether guy got all his permits to cut down all those trees, and he didn’t think so. no, he just went and cut them down. and so amateurishly. and he put the chipper in the middle of the alley and wouldn’t move it so forman moved it himself when they were bringing cement trucks thru. he’s been guessing at the placement of everything, the height and width and space between everything, just shooting craps while waiting for the architects to make up their minds.



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